+Anima Fandom
  • Name: Basil
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Dark brown hair that is usually tied to the side in a low pony tail. She wears a pair of thin, red framed glasses and her eyes are a subtle blue. Clothes are often flowy, cute, and handmade.
  • Personality: She’s sweeter than sugar and loves to bake and sew. She’s very motherly, kind and soft spoken. But she will speak her mind when something is wrong.
  • Special Talents: Exceptional cook and crafter
  • Who they like better: Both
  • Who they take after more: Equal
  • Personal Head canon: She loves to help out others, often showering them in baked goods and motherly typed affections. She’s good at comforting others. She’s kind of traditional.
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